Five Simple Yet Effective SEO Tips for Beginners

A lot of people have the impression that SEO is complicated, but it really isn't. You can always stick to basic SEO configurations using the Best Ad Words , which are easy to implement yet highly effective in terms of providing maximum exposure on all key search engines.

Here are five easy tips for getting better search rankings:

1. Start with your URL, titles and descriptions.

This may be the oldest tip you can get but it remains to be the most crucial. Make your titles, URLs and descriptions should be as descriptive and catchy as possible. Do your links tell enough about your website without people clicking them? Put yourself in their shoes. Would you probably click your links as they are currently presented? Make this your first priority and you will find how much difference it makes. 

2. Keep your content fresh and high value.

One of the reasons websites or blogs exist is to give Internet users information. So if your content is old, poorly written or provides unreliable facts, then you can't expect to have a solid following of visitors. Remember, there's a lot of competition going on for every searched keyword online. All things being equal, websites with high quality content always win.

3. Make your site load faster.

Yes, how fast or slow your web pages load does matter in identify a Best SEO strategy. With faster pages, you get more page views, more RSS subscribers, and more clicks on your ads. You can make your site load faster by removing large images and unnecessary JavaScript files; using sprites rather than small images to prevent http redirects; using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) service; or simply moving to a faster host.

4 . Get Google authorship.

Each time Google comes up with a new feature that has something to do with search results, use it. With Google authorship, for instance, people will be able to know the author and how popular he is before even clicking a link. In addition, people generally trust authors more if they know Google trusts them.
5. Take advantage of Google and Bing webmaster tools. 

Finally, there seems to be that misconception that not signing up your website with Google will let you keep things from them and still get to the top of search results. A misconception indeed. Good long-term rankings are possible only if you play by the rules. Besides, Google already knows everything about a website before it is even submitted to webmaster tools. You can't argue with the usefulness of such tools anyway, providing information about your website, like crawl errors, search queries and number of incoming or internal links. Of course, all of these can be used to improve your search rankings further. Find more facts on this at .